Hello and welcome to your source for finding wedding professionals who are ready to work with same-sex couples in Colorado.

Selecting the right venue and service professionals for your wedding takes time, patience, and money. When you identify as gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer (GLBTQ), "coming out" to vendors can cause anxiety, frustration, and disappointment. In Colorado, since same-gender marriage is not legally recognized (yet), some individuals find they are turned away by venues, ignored by service professionals, and downright discriminated against for their sexual orientation and desire to marry the one they love. 

The vendors found on this site have applied for their listings. They were interviewed by a gay wedding professional, and their workplace policies have been reviewed to ensure gender-neutral language and the inclusion of sexual orientation within non-discrimination clauses. Each vendor has agreed, in writing, to treat GLBTQ couples with the same professionalism and respect of any other couple they serve.

We encourage you to support these businesses, and make sure to mention you found them on coloradogayweddings.com! Also, vendors who have the ^ symbol next to their company name have agreed to offer a special discount or incentive to GLBTQ clients.

Happy wedding!


Thumbnail image courtesy of Brian Kraft Photography